Timeline of Events
by MRSJeevas


2012: Century's genealogical research on behalf of Matt confirms that he's the son of Cisco Heras and Henriette Chatto. Though Basque now, his maternal ancestry spread 'across France' though was ultimately from Normandy; while his paternal ancestry had roots in Gallicia, Brittany and the Iberian coastline, as well as Basque. It's also concluded that Matt's likely birth name was Emilio Heras. Matt starts collecting books, files etc on Basque Separatism and ETA. He also hacks into both the Spanish and French offices to award himself dual nationality there, and two corresponding passports in the name Emilio Ricardo Sebastian Heras.

Dec 13th 2012: Mello goes for a run through the area of the New Forest behind his home, getting depressed about his scars. Matt gets out of bed before 8am, because it's Mello's birthday, to cook breakfast. But he's a bit sluggish, so Mello takes over, control freak that he is. Mello gets side-tracked into working on cases within the Mello Code. Matt joins him looking over the case-files concerning a serial killer in Vienna. They finish the day with much BDSM.

Dec 14th 2012: In the early hours of the morning, Matt emerges - only slightly more with it - from six hours in sub-space. Feeling guilty about that, he submits to dancing with Mello to metal music.

Dec 2012: Mello and Matt buy a mass of seasonal Christmas lights for the exterior of their home, then hurry to fit them all. Bubbles helps out by sending Matt some arduino script sensor values corresponding to Christmas carols, to start them off with syncing their flashing light sequences.