Timeline of Events
by MRSJeevas


Spring 2013: Matt begins his longest stretch of Seroxat cold turkey. Mello stays home to look after him. The next two months are described as 'harsh and ugly, the physical was over; finally fully drowned in its own swathes of sweat, urinary disorder and gut-wrenching tears of begging for it to stop. The physical symptoms gave way to complete emotional and psychological upheaval, that washed and ebbed with some fucked up inner tide.'

Two months later 2013: Mello feels able to leave Matt for 'a series of staccato trips out of the country' on Mello Code cases.

Over two months later June? 2013: Mello returns home early from a case investigation to find Matt missing from home. He uses a tracker implanted into Matt's gilet to trace him to a local Grand Prix test circuit, where he's driving race-cars at great speed around the track. Mello's presence distracts Matt enough that he crashes the car. He's unhurt (just very shaken, with a headache), but the car did what it was designed to do and disintegrated. Mello rows with the race-track owners. Mello and Matt argue over it.

Matt panics and drives to a hotel. There his anxiety attack is given free rein. Meanwhile, Mello has gone home, realised Matt hasn't followed and tracks him again. He takes Matt's prized McLaren - which shouldn't leave the garage - to the hotel and makes Matt stare at it out of the window, while Mello has sex with him. But denies his husband an orgasm in punishment for fleeing.

Hal informs Mello, via email, that Lauren and Century are dating. Mello calls her to get more details, then warns Century off via email. He also obliquely threatens Lauren, also via email, with losing her job if she continues to see his Wammy House rival. NB EIGHTEEN MONTHS PRIOR MELLO HAD A LATE NIGHT ANGST CONVERSATION WITH HAL AND TOLD HER HOW HE AND MATT GOT TOGETHER.

October 9th 2013: Matt hacks Century's history forum and takes it off-line. He also announces on Twitter that a random troll is targeting him (naming Century's Twitter username) and encouraged all whom Century might have followed to attack him with 'whatever they've got'. H2 has a word with Matt about not feeding the trolls.

October 12th 2013: Century approaches Bubbles - as supposed head of the EHC - on Twitter to appeal for help against Mariomatt. Bubbles tells Century where to go, disbelieving his claim that Mariomatt has taken down (and continues to keep taken down) an academic forum, particularly one with an on-line library attached. Century argues that a community member is in Egypt at risk of kidnap and his forum was the man's security. Bubbles remains unmoved, as she believes Matt.

However, she does offer to come in and restore his website and forum for him. Matt is so stunned about this, that he restores access to the website for 15 mins, so that Bubbles can check that there's no library. Thus pretty much demonstrating to Bubbles that he took it down in the first place. But Matt had no choice, as he knew that Bubbles entering the site would be tantamount to her learning that for herself. She would recognize his patches etc.

Bubbles simply tells Matt to stop feeding the trolls and says that she's rolling her eyes at him, and so is Force10. But Matt builds the telling off into something much more and ends up crying in bed, until Mello wakes and hears him out. Then calms him down. Meanwhile, Bubbles quietly approaches Century and warns him not to troll Matt, as she can't protect Century forever.

October 13th-15th 2013: Bubbles and Century exchange a short series of Tweets, whereby Century tells her that he's actually Matt's foster brother and grew up with their bedrooms 'next door but one' to each other. Bubbles dismisses his claim, saying that she's asked Matt and he's denied knowing Century at all.