Timeline of Events - Pre-1989
by MRS Jeevas


Jan 5th 1933: Quillsh Wammy is born in England.

Apr 29th 1939: Roger Ruvie is born in Surrey, England.

Jan 11th 1944: Constance Ann Perry (later named Ann Leaman) is born, to Wilfrid and Constance Perry, in Winchester, England.

Jun 27th 1958: Ann Perry leaves school.

Jun 24th 1962: Ann Perry marries Brian Leaman, in Winchester, England.

Apr 17th 1972: Brian Leaman is killed in an industrial accident.

Sept 9th 1974: Ann Leaman became a cleaner in a state orphanage in Winchester.

Oct 31st 1979: L Lawliet is born, place and parentage unknown.

Feb 18th 1980: Halle Bullook (aka Hal Lidner) born in the USA.

Oct 31st 1982: Beyond Birthday (later B, or if Mello is being a bitch: Backup) is born, place and parentage unknown.

Mar 14th 1985: Orsino Manetti (later Catania) is born to Roberto and Calogera Manetti, in Catania, Sicily.

Nov 11th 1986: Naila Mehdizadeh (later Hollow) is born to Qabil and Tamam Mehdizadeh, in Baku, Azerbaijan.

May 5th 1987: L enters Wammy's House.

May 20th 1987: Ann is asked to take up the position of housekeeper at Wammy's House.