Secrets Behind the Chapter Titles
by MRS Jeevas

The official 'How to Read...' book includes a section on chapter titles in the Death Note manga. The inclusion of a similar section here was voted into being by the community over on MangaBullet.

This all looked great in principle, until I came to state why I'd entitled chapters as I did. I've often finished chapters late at night, then shoved something on the top just so I can post the chapter somewhere (usually Adult Fanfiction, though a couple were posted first on DeviantART). In the case of the earliest stories, this happened about 8-9 months ago. I've therefore been trying to reconstruct something that my overtired brain randomly threw up months ago. Yep.

However, I think I've done it! Of them all, the titles for 'All the Way Here' were the most difficult to find sources for, as I often nicked odd words from the manga, just to bookmark our progress through the official timeline. I'm sitting here now with mangas 7-12 in a big pile, all re-read as I've hunted for those elusive words.

Many chapter titles have come from songs and I have endeavoured to find, and embed, YouTube videos, so those songs could be heard. Where embedding has been disabled, run your cursor over, as the videos have been linked. Only one song wasn't there at all and it was fairly important, as it broke my writers' block during 'The Mello Code'. Much, much love to LairProductions, who heard about this and immediately offered to cosplay a MxM music video to that song. 'No Greater Love' is in 'The Mello Code' section. Less than three to both BlairBender and LoonyLoonyLaura for that. They are working on it right now and it will be added to the site when it's completed.

I hope you enjoy reading this section.