Secrets Behind the Chapter Titles - All The Way Here
by MRS Jeevas

Why 'All the Way Here'?

It's a line from the manga, chapter 77 - Use.

All The Way Here

Before writing any fan-fiction, I looked up the rules of the genre. I read that it was considered bad form to rewrite the canon story, so avoided doing that. 'It Matters' finished as Mello and Matt were about to join the canon, so that really dictated where 'All the Way Here' was going to start. However, I very carefully tried not to retell a single scene in the canon. My chapters tend to take place between manga frames.

What I did do though, with the majority of chapters, was to place a kind of cryptic bookmark between the pages of the manga. Chapter titles often lifted a word or phrase from the manga, at around the point where this chapter might slot in. The full quotations themselves might not have anything to do with the chapter in 'All the Way Here'. It is the timing that is important.

All The Way Here Chapter 01 - All The Way Here

See above. My first chapters often have the same name as the whole thing. This is because they are primarily posted on Adult Fanfiction. There the whole story is named for the first chapter.

All The Way Here Chapter 02 - Shopping

Matt goes shopping legally for a list of things that Mello wants; Mello goes shopping illegally for weaponry.

All The Way Here Chapter 03 - Knowing

Chapter 76 - Greetings, Near asks the SPK, 'Would you kill all of them, knowing that there will be some members of the SPK who won't die?'

In terms of timeframe, this is a little late for the actual events in 'All the Way Here'. It has to be remembered that I extended the timeline to give Mello time to heal from his burns. I've therefore plundered the same conversation for several chapter titles.

All The Way Here Chapter 04 - An Exchange

Having been through the manga a few times, I think that this was one of the rare chapter titles that didn't have a word lifted from it.

The exchange is the deal between Mello and God. He asks for Matt to be kept safe, in return for all the prayers that Mello has said for himself to be used for Matt's soul.

All The Way Here Chapter 05 - The Time Comes

Chapter 76 - Greetings, Near answers Rester's question, querying how dangerous it would be if Mello contacts them, 'Very dangerous. So when the time comes, I want you all to do as he says.'

All The Way Here Chapter 06 - Dissolution

There isn't an actual quotation to support this chapter title, but it does refer to the fake announcement that the SPK is to be disbanded.

I chose the word, dissolution, specifically because I'm British and a historian and so it's a loaded word. In my mind, I hear it and I think of the Dissolution of the Monastries. This was the last major shift in religion in the British mainland. It occurred after Henry VIII took the nation out of Catholicism and into the Church of England. In the manga, a turning point is starting in the cult of Kira. He is starting to become accepted and then popular.

All The Way Here Chapter 07 - Waiting For You

This is another example of me placing this chapter within the timeframe of the manga. You're to read this after Mello says, 'Our destination is the same. I'll be waiting for you when you get there.' (Chapter 77 - Use)

There's also a wonderful piece of artwork called 'I've Been Waiting for You', which shows Matt rushing to the door, as Mello returns. I shall find out who that was and see if I can show it here. A-Pseudonym worked out which picture I was talking about. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I'd missed that it was a piece by my good friend Stuffed-Fox. Oh dear. When she'd finished laughing at me, she gave me permission to reproduce it here. Thanks!

I Have Been Waiting for You' by Stuffed Fox

All The Way Here Chapter 08 - Nick Street

This is another timeframe title. It ends as the manga's chapter 79, Lies, begins. In that chapter, Mello asks Mogi to come to Nick Street. Later, you see Mello overlooking Mogi from a window, ergo Mello is in a building on Nick Street.

All The Way Here Chapter 09 - Genius

The big show-downs here are between geniuses. Yagami Raito, Near and Mello are the main protagonists and they are all geniuses.

More subtly though, Matt and Linda have had a conversation and Matt has started on his parallel plan to catch Kira. The genius in the title is Matt.

All The Way Here Chapter 10 - Scared

Earlier in the manga, Near talked of being scared. Now it's Mello and Matt's turn to admit to each other that they are scared.

All The Way Here Chapter 11 - Cold Snap

A cold snap is a really chilly turn in the weather. This chapter describes a cold night.

All The Way Here Chapter 12 - Foolish People

In chapter 80 - Clean Up, in the manga, Near looks at the crowds outside his headquarters and says, 'Such foolish people.'

All The Way Here Chapter 13 - Aftermaths

This title refers to the fact that it's the aftermath of the mob stampede in the square, in front of the Nick Street station, in New York.

All The Way Here Chapter 14 - Knowledge

This title isn't lifted from the manga, it's from the chapter itself. It refers to Mello telling Matt, in public, 'I know you'. In other words, to the fact that Mello has finally admitted their relationship in public.

All The Way Here Chapter 15 - Information

In chapter 83 - Delete, in the manga, Mello pulls up at the airport and thinks, 'There's no way that Near doesn't know that Hal gave me all the information on where these two were going to be dropped off and all.'

All The Way Here Chapter 16 - Leads

Everyone is currently following leads. Mogi and Aizawa are following Amane and Yagami; Mello and Matt are following the same.

All The Way Here Chapter 17 - Nothing Changed

Chapter 85 - Election, Matt tells Mello, 'It's so boring watching something that never changes'. The chapter title isn't a direct quotation, but it does contextualise to around this chapter in the manga.

All The Way Here Chapter 18 - Ukeru

Ukeru is usually shorted to 'uke' in the yaoi genre.

Matt is patently the ukeru in this chapter, as he 'receives' Mello. The fact that the chapter title is in Japanese also signals the fact that Mello and Matt have gone to Japan.

All The Way Here Chapter 19 - The Law of this New World

In chapter 87 - Tomorrow, Takada announces on the television, 'All the messages I have conveyed to you in the past, as well as everything I will tell you in the future, will become the law of this new world.'

All The Way Here Chapter 20 - Preparations

This chapter title simply describes what's happening within it. Mello and Matt are making preparations for the final showdown. Specifically, Mello is teaching Matt how to shoot a gun properly.

All The Way Here Chapter 21 - Coming Out

The beginning of chapter 90 - Preview, Raito thinks to himself, 'Very well, Near, if you're coming out, I'll come out too.'

Of course, in a Western context, 'coming out' means that you're now openly homosexual. *smirks* Mello wearing Matt's ring is a big hint to the world that he's in a relationship (or it would be if he was ever seen without his gloves on).

There's a third meaning in that they've gone shopping, so they've left the house.

All The Way Here Chapter 22 - The Enlightened

To be enlightened generally means to become wiser or to learn something about a situation or state. It's often used in a religious context, that is that some has received divine knowledge or understanding about a deity.

This title is a bit of a pun on the God complex of Yagami Raito. Their lives have been affected by Light, ie they have been enlightened. I didn't say it was a good pun. :p

All The Way Here Chapter 23 - Curing His Heart

This is a paraphrased lyric from 'Venus in Furs' by the Velvet Underground, 'Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart.'

All The Way Here Chapter 24 - Growing Up

Chapter 92 - Night, Takada says, 'I should have waited to invite you to dinner until after you grew up and learned some manners, Amane.'

It's also Mello's birthday, so he's physically 'grown up' to twenty years old.

All The Way Here Chapter 25 - Echoes

The echoes are simultaneously the sound of metal being punched, which echoes around the landscape, and the echoes from the past, which Matt is experiencing.

All The Way Here Chapter 26 - Oaths and Honour

This refers to the oaths and honour system prevalent in both Yazuka and the Mafia. Mello and Yamada are able to converse because of the honour links between their two families.

All The Way Here Chapter 27 - Watching

In chapter 92 - Night, the manga describes how people are being watched. Hal becomes Takada's bodyguard; Gevanni starts watching Mikami; Mogi is acting as Amane's manager; and Aizawa is watching Yagami.

The events in this chapter are running concurrent to these instances of people watching other people.

All The Way Here Chapter 28 - Christmas

This title sets the timeline to Christmas day, ie December 25th 2009.

All The Way Here Chapter 29 - Circles

The circles are those on Mello's notes. He tends to make notes, encircle important bits, then group the circles together. Apparently.

All The Way Here Chapter 30 - Explorations

At the end of this chapter, Matt explores his scalp with his fingertips and finds blood. At the beginning of the chapter, Matt was exploring the city. These are the explorations.

All The Way Here Chapter 31 - Confirmations

The title of this chapter places the storyline within the context of the manga's chapter 97 - Miscellaneous. Mikami Teru tells Kiyomi Takada that he's confirmed it and she dutifully passes this information onto Yagami Raito. These are the two confirmations which are namechecked. This places the narrative on January 23rd, 2010.

All The Way Here Chapter 32 - A Compromised Mainframe

A computer's mainframe is what makes it work. Yagami Raito's computer's mainframe has been hacked by Matt, therefore its security is compromised.

The 'compromised mainframe' of the title though is Matt himself. Mello misunderstood him and has been brutalising him. Their operation is accordingly compromised.

All The Way Here Chapter 33 - After Midnight

'After midnight' should have rung alarm bells, as Mello and Matt are now in mortal danger. We know, from the end of chapter 96 and beginning of chapter 97, that Mikami kills 'after midnight'. This makes it a dangerous time.

Even more dangerous, as far as Mello and Matt are concerned, is that passing midnight makes this January 25th 2010, therefore they have just entered the last day of their lives.

All The Way Here Chapter 34 - The Last Order

In chapter 98 - Everybody, the final piece of narrative, before Mello and Matt make their moves, comes from Yagami Raito. He thinks, 'This is the last order I'll be giving in order to kill Near'. The manga and this chapter then move to the Mello and Matt action. The chapter title is therefore another timeline bookmarking.

All The Way Here Chapter 35 - Epilogue

All The Way Here Chapter 36 - Ty for 1000 Hits

All The Way Here Chapter 37 - Ty for 2000 Hits

These three are self-explanatory.