Secrets Behind the Chapter Titles - Ghosting the Street
by MRS Jeevas

Why 'Ghosting the Street'?

A 'ghost' is a hacker, i.e. Ghost in the Wires. 'The Street' is the place where you live, or reality. The title has a triple meaning: Matt's hacking his own reality; the hacker is in reality; or the hackers are meeting up in the real world. To my mind, the emphasis switches depending upon the chapter you're reading at the time.

Ghosting the Street: Chapter 01 - Formula Gone

It's a pun on Formula One - top class level for world champion race-car drivers. Plus the fact that 'formula' is another way of saying 'algorithm' upon which computerized systems run. If Matt's personal 'formula' has gone, then it's implying that he's less than sane right now.

Ghosting the Street: Chapter 02 - Slipstream

Slipstream is that genre of Cyberpunk stories which is outside the main list of classic titles. A little like this novel really.