Secrets Behind the Chapter Titles - It Matters
by MRS Jeevas

Why 'It Matters'?

In this story, It Matters is the official version of Matt's pseudonym. Matt is short for It Matters.

It Matters Chapter 01 - Prologue

This is self-explanatory.

It Matters Chapter 02 - Song 2

'Song 2' is a Blur song and is the one that Matt is listening at the start of the chapter. It's technically a song about Syd Barrett, but I think it fits Matt very well too.

It Matters Chapter 03 - Blood and Guts

It's a reference to the shoot-out that happens in the chapter, but I was also listening to Skunk Anansie's 'It Takes Blood And Guts To Be This Cool' at the time.

It Matters Chapter 04 - Weaknesses

The weaknesses in this chapter are Matt's physical weakness against Mello's attack; and Mello's weakness in that he knows he can be traced by Matt and that Matt has seen the world in which he works. Also Matt is Mello's Achilles' Heel, insofar as, if he was known about, he could be used as leverage against Mello in the Mafia. All of Mello's Mafia colleagues could potentially have seen Matt, though they didn't know who he was.

My Own Way Chapter 05 - Defenceless

As their dark romance deepens, Mello and Matt are both fairly defenceless in the face of their feelings for each other.

It Matters Chapter 06 - Hothouse

This simply refers to the location wherein the chapter takes place.

It Matters Chapter 07 - Carnage

Carnage is unleashed as Mello appears on his motorbike. Sorry, I was really unimaginative at chapter titles at this point.

It Matters Chapter 08 - Reversals

It's subtle, but the reversal is Mello. He's very slowly (and I mean very slowly) returning to the compassionate, nice lad, who first entered Wammy's House.

It Matters Chapter 09 - Owned

Owned as in the gaming sense, pwnt, pwned, owned etc. Mello's thoroughly owning Matt in this chapter.

It Matters Chapter 10 - A Sort of Homecoming

Mello and Matt return to Wammy's House in this chapter, both for the first time since they left it as their home. It's a sort of homecoming, because they're not moving back in.

It's also a song by U2.

It Matters Chapter 11 - Mind Games

They are all playing mind games with each other, especially Mello and Near, whilst in Wammy's House, where it's practically house policy to play games that stimulate the mind.

It Matters Chapter 12 - Tripartate

Near, Mello and Matt are the constituents of this three party rule.

It Matters Chapter 13 - Cleansed

They're in the bath... sorry, I really didn't put much thought into these titles. -.-

It Matters Chapter 14 - Games

There are physical games, but Matt's also playing the firewall game whilst hacking the Watari Network.

It Matters Chapter 15 - The Mario Clause

The Mario Clause is the name of the programme that's caused all of the trouble.

It Matters Chapter 16 - Isolation

Matt's isolated at Wammy's House; Mello's isolated at their home.

It Matters Chapter 17 - Flight

Mello's flight from the Mafia, but also a foreshadowing of the flight that they are about to take out of the country.

It Matters Chapter 18 - Returning

They are returning to the Kira case. However, this is also the chapter before they return to the canon timeline.

It Matters Chapter 19 - Epilogue

It Matters Chapter 20 - Ty for 1000 Hits

It Matters Chapter 21 - Ty for 2000 Hits

It Matters Chapter 22 - Ty for 3000 Hits

These four are self-explanatory.