The Mello Code
by MRS Jeevas

You would think that, after the horrors of writing 'Watari Pt 2', I wouldn't have even thought of another story. After all, 'Watari' had completed the arc started in 'It Matters' and so the story was told. However, even as I was writing on MelloMatt and DeviantART that there were no plans for another story, I had two and a half chapters of 'The Mello Code' secretly written on my hard-drive.

It still all boiled down to the fact that I enjoy writing. I had really enjoyed those where I could just leap into it, with no end game in sight, like 'Poisoned Rationality'. Also, I thought that, if I could write without it seeming like half the world was waiting for a story, then I would regain my confidence in writing again.

I wrote 'The Mello Code' for myself. It didn't mirror anything that was happening in role-play with Miyamashi, so I didn't have to transcribe anything. It was just meant to be cathartic. In real life, I'd lost my job and was trying to piece back together a career; in the story, Mello was trying to do exactly the same thing. It was meant to be fragmented with no coherent storyline. There were supposed to be leads that came to nothing and a lot of uncertainty. I was in the perfect situation to be writing such a thing. It didn't have a pre-conceived plot-line, so I could just write one chapter after another and see what happened next. My cunning plan was that no-one would even hear about it before it was finished. If it ever got finished. This was my laissez-faire life.

Eleven days later, I posted the chapters that I'd written thus far onto Adult Fanfiction. A lot can change in eleven days. As the great Mello once said, 'In the end, there is no greater motivation than revenge.' DeviantART had first banned me, then transmuted that to a two week suspension. At the same time, other people were discovering that they couldn't delete certain works of art. Upon querying this, the DA moderators had informed them that the artwork was too popular. I heard about the number of hits and looked at those which 'Watari Pt 2' had received. 'The Mello Code' was placed into the public domain so that I could flick the cyber-birdie at DeviantART. It was my way of saying, 'Look at these hits. Your site could have had those.'

What totally took me by surprise was the number of hits that Mello Code actually got. I'd had stories reach 1000 hits shortly after being completed, then crawl up towards 2000 hits. 'The Mello Code' had 1000 hits before I'd even reached chapter 15. By the time I'd finished, it had over 4000 hits and was well on the way to 5000. At the time of writing, it's at 5488 hits, despite also being published in the more accessible MangaBullet. In terms of sheer popularity, it appears to have knocked out of the water anything that I've ever written before. This website is a thank you for those 5000 hits. I really wasn't expecting that!

It was also the first story since 'My Own Way' which was written in the public domain. It's the first one written like that since my name became reasonably well known. Each chapter was met with a handful of comments, which was really lovely in terms of feedback. However, I refused point blank to think through the implications of that, else I'd only start panicking over Spoiled-kitten again. I wouldn't blame her for throwing things at me, if I started with that again.

'The Mello Code' was a joy to write, with the only downside being that I was being so laidback about it that I ended up not finishing in time for Yule. That meant long delays in updating chapters, which made me feel a bit guilty. No-one seemed to mind though. Otherwise, I have no big stories to tell about its writing. It happened; it went smoothly; it was enjoyable. Job's a good 'un.