The Mello Code - Quotations
by Bloody Jack13 and MRS-Jeevas (edit.)

Matt winked at Mello and cried out, "No, Mello! Please don't kiss me! I don't want you to! Noooo!"

"Yeah you do." Mello kissed him loudly again. "Kiss me, bitch!"

"No, no!" Matt protested and the pair of them dissolved into loud mirth again. "Kiss me, bitch?" Matt choked out. "Where the Hell did that come from?"

Mello shook his head, shoulders twitching with the coda of hilarity. "I don't know. But do it again. Kiss me, bitch."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 2: Hierophant

“If it gives you peace of mind to know that we're both going to end up in the same bit of Hell, then I'll ensure I'm not in the unbaptized section.”
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 2: Hierophant

"Dunno. I'm neurotically dependent on you." Matt kissed him. "I'm so in thrall to your evil brainwashing that it's impossible for me to judge things things. Am I getting a shag out of this or are you just randomly pouncing on me?"
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 3: Ambush

Mello smiled. "Matty, I'm sometimes amazed you can dress yourself in the morning. I've seen you trying to push doors that need to be pulled open."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 3: Ambush

Matt nodded, he had had his rush. He could think more clearly again. "So you want me to book a flight to Japan, arrange for a meglomaniac to terrorise the world, then sort out a warehouse to cower in fear of our lives?"

"It had a lot of sex and chocolate in it. That's what I liked about my 20th."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 4: Rude Awakening

"I've said before and I'll say it again, there is nothing you can dish out, Keehl, that I can't take. Do it."
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 5: Hurt

Matt let himself drop again. "There's no way you can fuck me up here. What are you going to do, stand on a chair?"
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 5: Hurt

"Thank you. I swear if one more person tries to hug me," he said the latter as if it was the most heinous crime he had ever encountered, "then you're baptising me in the kitchen sink and fuck the lot of you. Your religion is fucked up, Mello, I swear."
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 6: In Search of God

"You are the noob and God is the Leet programmer. He has haxored code that you don't even suspect is there. In fact, He doesn't need to haxor it, he wrote the thing. You were all 'stfu I is teh pwnage'. You try going to Heaven and telling God that He's got it wrong allowing people to be in Hell and He'd say, 'stfu I is God.'"
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 7: Legacies

"Does the little girlie want me to say romantic things to him?" Matt stroked back Mello's hair. "Pretty Mihael! Nino bonito! Te amo; te deseo, amado mío."

Mello sighed. "Go back to volim te, you sarcastic bastard."
Matt and Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 9: This Love Affair

Matt froze. He pulled the top of the quilt down to survey his husband. "You've had a shag and a cuddle." He watched Mello just blinking at him. "And I said 'I love you', several times."

Mello nodded. "I'm just spoiled rotten."
Matt and Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 9: This Love Affair

"You think it's me who's the bully in this relationship? I got a text message at twenty to eight this morning saying, 'the fucking bells have just woken me up again. Pick me up before evensong or I'm taking the fucking things down'." He bit his lip. "I wouldn't actually put it past him to take out the Cathedral's bells. Some of them date from Saxon times. I'd hate to be responsible for that."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 11: Uncertain Threats

"Upset?" Hal rounded on him. "Am I upset? Am I really, Mello? Do you know, I'm not actually surprised about him, because every single, solitary time me and Matt meet, he's pulling something like this. I shouldn't have trusted the little shit, even if he was bleeding all over my doorstep. But you!" She glared down at him. "You have always been on the level with me, Mello. I might not like your point of view, but it was an honest one. What on earth possessed you to pull a stunt like this?"
Hal, The Mello Code, Chapter 11: Uncertain Threats

Hal pursed her lips. "So what are you both waiting for? Me to say, 'Oh! I understand why you didn't just come to me directly, like friends do, let's all put it behind us and...'" She paused. She realised that she did understand why they hadn't done that. "Oh my God! You weren't raised to think like that! You were raised in the belief that all suppositions had to be proved or disproved with evidence. Why would you just trust someone? Who taught you how to be ordinary human beings, with friends and," She stared at Matt's black eye, "lovers?" She was starting to calm down, she could feel it. "You were raised to be detectives. No-one ever taught you how not to be detectives."
Hal, The Mello Code, Chapter 11: Uncertain Threats

Mello's arm snaked around Matt's back and he nodded towards the huge screen. "He's wired that up so that all of his games consoles are constantly attached. He created the box that they all run through himself. I told him that he should patent it. As you can see, he's got twice as many monitors as I have and, trust me, they aren't all for show. Unlike me, he can technically watch every security camera, as well as be on the internet and receive calls from Watari simultaneously. I used the extra space for my reading area. Everything you see here has been wired up by Matty and he built 90% of the equipment from scratch. This is what the inner den of a computer genius looks like."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 12: An Invasion

Matt laughed. "That's something you don't see every day, Hal. Mello thinking." The redhead winked at him. "You saw the chocolate static between his teeth? That's Mello code for 'my brain has just wandered off for a bit and will be back with a moment of breath-taking brilliance any second now'. Care to share, my love?"
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 13: Grace

Mello stared at him and Matt shut up. "But if for, whatever reason, you were unable to gain access to your files, say we were in the middle of the Siberian grasslands and you didn't have a signal for your laptop, then..."

"You'd be unlikely to have one for your phone either. If," Matt chuckled, "we should ever be in the middle of Siberia trying to contact the President of Pakistan, and Near was being an arse, then my laptop would be perfect, because after this conversation I'm going to ensure my list is on my hard-drive."

"And what if your laptop had had a nasty accident involving being shoved up your jacksy?"

Matt nodded. "Granted, that would be a problem, but you'd never be able to contact the Mafia then either." He lit a cigarette, continuing hurriedly, "Because, if my laptop had had such an accident, then I'd have broken both your arms and ripped your tongue out."

Mello roared with laughter. "You see why I love him?" He demanded of Hal, who was staring between them with a look of disbelief on her features. "Oh. Yes. Matty, don't joke about domestic violence. That's very wrong."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 13: Grace

Matt spoke up, his tone superior, "Ok, I'll take the first session. Advanced Hacking. Though you should get Chrissie in next, because if they get caught in my class, then their friends will need her class to bust them out of life imprisonment."
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 13: Grace

"Ok, let's see how good you are." A moment later, Matt was wriggling away from him to the edge of the cushion. "What's up? Surely a champion gamer like you can deal with a little molestation while owning pixels."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 14: Gameplay

Matt realised his mistake. "Oh shit." He didn't need to see the look on Mello's face to know that this was now a contest. "Ok. Go for your life, but I'll win this one." He considered it. "And afterwards, you have to say, 'Mail Jeevas, you are the pwnage', and you have to mean it."
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 14: Gameplay

"You are not," Matt backed off the bed, "I repeat, not, sticking something in me that vibrates, while Hal is sitting on the other side of the table! Mello!" Another thought occurred to him. "Where do you get all this shit? And how come I'm never with you at the time? And how come it's all still in the packaging?
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 14: Gameplay

Matt pointed. "You used to be afraid to kiss me because of the cost to your immortal soul and now you're sitting there holding a..." He squinted. "Move your thumb. A cock cage with anal invader. What does the Vatican have to say about that, Mello?"

Mello considered it. "I don't think the Pope's ever mentioned one to be honest."
Matt and Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 14: Gameplay

Mello grinned. "This has gone way past Hal, Matty. This is game on between us. Moaning, groaning, doing that little mewing noise you make when I'm..."

"I do not mew."

"You do! It's like a fucking kitten!"

"I don't mew!"

"Trust me, Jeevas, you mew. Then you whimper." Mello shrugged and went back to his bag. "It's really sexy actually."

"I don't whimper either."

"Let me be the judge of the noises you make during sex." He took out a padded blindfold. "Unless you want me to call Hal down to adjudicate. If you don't trust my ears. But I assure you that she'll say it's a fucking mew."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 14: Gameplay

"You've got your issues and I've got mine. One of which is not doing anything in public, let alone being caught by Watari with alligator clamps on my nipples."
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 14: Gameplay

(Mello) raced out of the room and into the study opposite. "Matt! I'm having a panic attack!"

"No, you're not." Matt replied languidly and turned from his computer. His gaze took in his husband and he slowly nodded. "Ok, maybe you are." The redhead rose from his seat and guided Mello to the settee. "Hold on, I have emergency chocolate just down here." He bent and scooped up a bar of Mello's favourite brand from some stash beneath the table. "Try breathing."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 16: Saints and Monsters

"But I've used everyone. I used Wammy. I took his shelter and education and just threw it away."

"By becoming precisely what Mr Wammy wanted you to become."

"I used the Mafia. I took their resources and their network and..."

"They took your intelligence and made lots of money increasing their resources and network."

"I used Yakuza. In Japan, I just..."

"Got rid of Kira for them."

Mello wanted to slap him for calmly sitting there, with his rose-tinted view of the world, rationalising away all their sins as having some good. "I've used you!"

"Yeah, but I get off on it, so that is especially good."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 16: Saints and Monsters

"I've told you before. There is nothing you can deal out, Keehl, that I can't take."
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 16: Saints and Monsters

"Mello, you have equality. You have it in abundance. You have my half of the equality as well!"
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 17: Exposed

Mello scowled. "I hate it when they do that!" His finger jabbed the perspex over the words, 'Finish your meal with a choice from our delicious dessert menu'. "How the fuck are you supposed to know if you want to eat here, if you can't see the dessert menu?"
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 18: Negotiating Business

Mello smiled. "Matt, you've been my Watari for years. You just react to any requests as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can get back to your games, so you probably haven't viewed it as such. That's what happens when the support is a genius himself."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 18: Negotiating Business

"The atoms which make up Matt Jeevas. Why do they do that?" Mello pushed into the kitchen and flicked on the lights. They had left a casserole slowly cooking before they went out and the scent of it filled the room now. "There's no reason for it. The individual atoms have no idea that you even exist. There's no good reason for them to cling together nor, eventually, for them to suddenly decide not to. None of those atoms are alive. They are co-operating with each other to make that leg or that arm, but without sentient knowledge of doing so. It doesn't happen on any other planet, so why this one?" He crouched down to check on their food through the glass door of the oven, while Matt wandered into the pantry to view the monitors and alarms. "Tell me, Mail, when you look at me, do you see trillions of atoms crammed together like dust, no, like sand?"

There was a hesitation from the pantry, then, "Erm, no."

"Why not? That's science. That's the reality." Mello reached for the oven gloves. "Why don't you fancy the fridge? Me and it are made of the same atoms. It's just that the atoms mysteriously decided to form different shapes."

"The fridge has never given me a blow-job."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 19: Helheim

Matt sighed. "There are holes you could drive a Sherpa tank through in your hypothesis, but congratulations. You've headed me off at the pass. By aggressively attacking science, you've taught me the error of my ways in attacking Catholicism. I've learned that if I do that again, I will be bored stupid in my own kitchen by a five foot six collection of dust particles. Have we got any nice bread to go with the casserole? I know there's sliced, but I prefer chunky."
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 19: Helheim

"Explaining why the Nativity is nothing to do with the Roman God, Mithras, despite remarkable similarities and the fact that Mithras's festival was celebrated on December 25th, whilst Christ was probably born in September."

"What's the exact wording of my homework?"

"Meditate on the importance of the Nativity for Catholics."
Matt and Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 19: Helheim

"Is Satan a redhead?" Mello stirred his casserole with his spoon. "In my case, yes. Satan is a redhead. Fucking gorgeous, sexy, smartass redhead, who leads me into temptation on a regular basis."

"I'm quite proud of that."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 19: Helheim

'Hell is having sanctimonous governments in your face'; 'Shouting at Mello can cause a slow and painful death'; 'Smoking means that Mello doesn't have to kill you'; 'Not smoking causes bad moods'; 'Happy Matt = Happy Mello'; 'Smoking warnings = Hell on Earth'; 'Reading the back of tobacco pouches can seriously damage your wellbeing'; 'Storming off makes your tea go cold'.
Mello (replacing the warning labels on tobacco pouches), The Mello Code, Chapter 19: Helheim

"You're as bent as a nine bob note. No, I'm not scared you'll run off with Hal."
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 20: Point of No Return

"Ok." Mello fixed his gaze upon him. "Me gustaría tomarte en mis brazos y desnudarte. Clavártela fuertemente y hasta el fondo contra la pared. Usarte hasta que grites de placer y te corras por toda la fina decoración de este hotel tan elegante."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 22: This Charming Man

Mello wandered past teddy-bears and beanie-bugs; yo-yos and shin-pads. He found the football boots. He had never owned a pair of football boots. His mind reeled through the wisdom of this. He never played football. What possible need could he have for football boots? A life-sized cardboard cut-out of David Beckham grinned back in collusion. Mello stroked the boots that he advertised. He checked. The exact boot that he was touching was in his own size. It was a sign from God. "Matt!"
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 23: The Theatre of Dreams

"No, that's the goalkeeper." Mello narrowed his eyes. "He's Dutch. There's a Slav as well if you want to see. Though he's Serbian." Matt smirked and returned to his DS. "I'm so onto you, Matty. Want me to run through the rules of the game?"

"I know them." Matt replied airily. "I beat 'Football Manager 2010'."

"Right. You might find this has fewer pixels."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 23: The Theatre of Dreams

"Ok. I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto. Is that chocolate covered fruit?"
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 23: The Theatre of Dreams

"Looked After Children's Home."

"Ignoring you." Mello inspected the lock, which was already open. Then he frowned. "Is 'looked after child' supposed to sound all warm and caring in today's politically correct palance?"

"Fuck knows."

"Do you feel like you were a 'looked after child' or a fucking orphan?"

"Well, there wasn't much fucking going on. Not much being looked after either from what I recall. I was more your illegally trafficked potential child soldier being worked to the bone with no parents to stop it happening." Matt shrugged. "Not quite as catchy as 'looked after child', I'll give them that."
Matt and Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 24: Detectives

"Shit, I've got fucking powder on my lense. Oh. I haven't it's just a bit of fluff." Mello stepped back. "I just need to do the rest of the car now." There was no movement from the ground. "A geek! A geek! My kingdom for a geek!"

Matt switched browsers. "I'll see if I can find one in Ask Jeeves for you."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 24: Detectives

Mello grinned. "The self-restraint I feel right now. Your arse poking up into the air like that. Those policemen all over there and my voyeur fantasies starting to make themselves known." He sniffed and returned his attention to the laptop. "Pity I'm working."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 24: Detectives

"Of course you can, Matty. But we're going to assume that whoever set this up hasn't got your anally retentive obsession with all things technical; and almost certainly hasn't got your genius backing it up."

"Was there a compliment in there somewhere?"
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 24: Detectives

"Careful, Matty," Mello winked, "your intelligence is showing again."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 24: Detectives

"Pack up your toys and come on. We're going to the land where boys can smoke and happiness reigns."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 25: Pieces of a Case

"Let's fail occasionally. It will be an experience. L picked cases that were interesting to him. He flew around the world and did whatever the fuck he wanted. Near largely sits in a room, playing with his toys and letting information come to him. I'd rather follow in L's shoes, but you're hankering after Near's life. You'd be so fucking bored if that happened to you. One more thing that you haven't considered. Who's looking at the portfolio? You solve a case, your name is in people's minds. Right now, I'm known as a pwnage glasses finder in the newsagents. Right now, the Chief Superintendent of Greater Manchester police will think of Mello over L, because he's met you. Can't we just have a life where things happen and we don't have to evaluate its greatness every step of the way?"
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 25: Pieces of a Case

Mello blinked. "We could have gone anywhere in the world. When we were coming back from Japan, I wanted to go to America and you were adamant that you were going back to your flat in England. We could be in Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow, Barcelona, Rome..." Mello stared at a lorry approaching down the main road and pulled Matt out of range of the resultant spray. "Instead we're in Manchester."

"It was mostly to get my stuff and grab some sleep in my own bed." Matt faltered, remembering with a chill of dread what had happened in that bed at that time. He took a heavy drag on the cigarette. "We could move now."

Mello's eyes widened. "After I've got the house just as I wanted it? Are you mad? I've got plans."

"Involving Rome?"

"Involving the garden."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 25: Pieces of a Case

"Mello, you would be the first to whinge if they banned chocolate from being eaten indoors and put little pictures of diabetics on the wrapper!" Matt snapped. "Fucking Presbytarian fucking Prime Minister in the fucking House of fucking Commons."
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 25: Pieces of a Case

"Stop acting like you're calm and sane."

Mello smirked. "I think I am now. I just needed to sit down quiet, drink my hot chocolate and let my mind catch up with my instincts. They were still set on flight or fight. In a minute, you are going to calm down too and realise that you're really quite full. You're also going to remember that you don't like sun-dried tomatoes."

"I do."

"You don't, Matt. Honestly, you don't." Mello reached across to pick up his chocolate from where he'd flung it when he first sat down. "You class it with olives and rocket salad."
Matt and Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 26: Control

"Honestly, Matty, that's the best driving I have ever witnessed. It's beyond genius and into the realms of the mythical."

"So why are you driving now?"

"Because, as you so often point out, I'm a control freak."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 26: Control

"I think my guardian angel deserves promotion to archangel. It's very overworked."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 27: Journey

"So your version of a teleport is to drive?"

"Granted it's not instant, but it would involve you sitting in one spot and then your surroundings changing around you," Matt grinned at his husband, "as if by magic."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 27: Journey

"If you were forced at gunpoint to name your favourite ever instance of us having sex, as in it was so hot that you're still reverberating from it now, could you?"

Matt frowned, then laughed. "Still reverberating now? Wow! You think a lot of yourself."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 27: Journey

Mello frowned. "Hal, you aren't usually this stupid. Are you drunk?"

"Do you want a smack up the mouth?"
Mello and Hal, The Mello Code, Chapter 29: The L Code

It took ten rings for Matt to pick up. Mello barked out, "Did I interrupt an important boss fight? I'm sorry, guapo. I'm in the shit here and you're..."

"I was on the loo." Matt softly interrupted.

"Matt, I need to you to hack MI5." Mello put his chocolate down on the cabinet top in front of him. He heard Hal's gasp and Jamboree's loaded silence. Matt didn't reply. "Are you still there?"

"Yeah." The redhead lit a cigarette. "Just waiting for the rest of the sentence." He exhaled smoke. "Or was that it, 'hack MI5', for, like, fun?"
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 29: The L Code

"You've spooked yourself. You've tried religion and chocolate. You've tried snogging me and now you're onto the savouries." Matt smiled at his husband. "Do you think you'll finally be able to hide from yourself once you've had sex with me?"
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 31: Volim te

"No, I do want sex." Mello gave him a pained look. "Kissing and cuddling whilst having sex."

"You're weird."

"I'm really not, Matt. People do that all the time."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 31: Volim te

"I'll be right back. I'm just going to find a florist open at this time of night, so I can sprinkle your boudoir with petals. I'd get a couple of slave-boys to fan us with ostrich feathers, but where the fuck I'm going to find them in Hampshire, I don't know. Get a freaking time-machine and go down to Portsmouth or something. Grab a couple on the way to 18th century America. Did Portsmouth do slaves? You're out of luck if I have to drive all the way up to Bristol in my time machine."
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 31: Volim te

"Jeevas!" Mello growled back. "Playing fucking Mario all day does not make you a plumber!"
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 32: Housework

"You fucking..."

"Yeah, I know. Can you tell me your name?"

"... wanker!"

"Yes. Any other names?"
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 32: Housework

"I do question Mr Wammy's selection criteria sometimes. How you got let into the system is beyond me." He reached out for the back of a chair and clung onto it. "Probably some crap Spanish translator who got the words for 'gifted and talented' mixed up with 'special needs'. Mr Wammy didn't check it out and just let you in, then it was too late. You'd charmed him with your big, green eyes and your 'I'm Matt, love me' grin."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 32: Housework

"Why do we keep coming back here, Matty? It's five acres of mindfuck."
Mello (about Wammy's House), The Mello Code, Chapter 33: Stitches

"Do you ever play roles in your head and get stuck on the wrong one for the present situation? I feel like I've got caught between two of them. Like I don't know precisely what my role is right now."

"Right now?" Matt flashed a half-smile around his cigarette. "It's what it always is when you're at Wammy's House. You're Bill Sikes. I'm Nancy by default. Near got to be Oliver because he's shorter."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 33: Stitches

"What are you expecting, Matt? This is clumsy even by your standards. Why am I standing in this fucking house, in this fucking room, having yet another conversation that keeps going round and round? We don't have conversations, Matt. We have themes that go on until I'm ready to tear my hair out. If it's not sex, it's the Mario Clause. If it's not your inability to articulate a single emotion, it's this fucking code. What's supposed to happen now? Was I supposed to stand here and have some great celestial vision, where L appeared as a fluffy cherub and all the world became rosy?"
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 33: Stitches

"Incidentally," Mello stopped by the door and looked back. "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Peter, my gaydar went off the second I saw you. Good evening." He stepped out into the night and Matt, jogging to keep up, didn't know whether to feel contrite, afraid or incredibly turned on.
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 34: Of Gods and Men

"Fucking breathe, so I can kill you properly!"
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 35: The Passion of Mello

Mello nodded quickly. "In the sight of Christ and the Mother of God. And if they don't have a problem with it, then my Church can go fuck itself. My faith is in the Almighty, not in jumped-up, corrupt, fucking political, self-important relics of the freaking Middle Ages." He grabbed Matt by the waistband, as the redhead tried to step away. "The first thing you need to know about Jesus is that he didn't take any crap from anyone, especially the likes of them!"
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 35: The Passion of Mello

"Sssh, Matty. Yes, you should. I see that now. You with your Yoda wisdom. Practically Zen. It's the Fool's perogative to be the wisest one there. The Emperor was wearing no clothes and you called us on it. You stated with one word the fucking truth and none of the Catholics there, including me, including Peter, none of us knew what to do. In the fact of Jesus, you were the only one to bring the conversation out of the bureaucracy and into a union based on love. Jesus spoke to you because you were the only one fucking listening."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 35: The Passion of Mello

"Crkvu Katolic(ku?" Mello was asking, his shoulders raised momentarily in a cross between a shrug and tension. His tiny smile was apologetic. "Žao mi je, ja ne mogu. Volim ga." He bit his lip and Matt wished he could remember the Serbo-Croatian he had once speed-memorised. He recognised 'volim' though. It meant 'love'. "Volim ga. Volim ga. Moj muž, Mail. Moli za nas, sveta Bogorodice, ja ne mogu vjerovati Crkvu Katolic(ku. Vjerujem u Duha Svetoga, opc'instvo svetih, oproštenje grijeha, uskrsnuc'e tijela, život vjec(ni."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 35: The Passion of Mello

"You'd think I'd have skin like a baby's arse by now, wouldn't you?"

"Covered in shit and nappy rash?"
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 36: Twenty-One

"I can't believe you brought the wine."

"I can't believe you brought the crowbar."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 37: Traces and Traceurs

"Courage isn't doing things that other people assume to be brave. Courage is pissing your pants with fright and doing it anyway. You have courage, Matty, whatever the starting point was. We were all brave."
Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 38: No Greater Love

"I'm going up to put more clothes on." Mello patted Matt's backside and took off up the staircase, two steps at a time.

"No!" Matt doubled back to grab his wine, then followed him up. "You're doing it wrong! Take clothes off. Not put clothes on."
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 38: No Greater Love

"God, you're fucking delectable."

"Delect me then." Matt grinned.

"Get up by the headboard and stop making words up." Mello looked pensive for a couple of seconds. "Does the English language have the word 'delect'? I know it has 'delectable'."

"Fuck knows, I'm Spanish. Are you seducing me or having an English lesson?" Matt moved on up until his back was against the headboard.
Mello and Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 38: No Greater Love

"Mello, do you like your doctorate? Does it make you happy?"

Mello considered it. "Yes."

"Then shut the fuck up and just accept it."

"I don't do 'accepting it'. I grew up in Wammy's House and...."

"La la la." Hal sang tunelessly down the 'phone at him.
Hal and Mello, The Mello Code, Chapter 39: Running Up That Hill

"You are all here on the brink of greatness. It wasn't so long ago that we were sitting where you are, though we never had the pleasure of a personal visit by our idol. We were just like you when destiny called and we answered that call. We went out and did our best against a formidable foe. We were successful. I ask you all to think what you might have done in our situations. Being prepared with such knowledge might one day save you. Considerations of the issues that we faced might some day help inform your split decisions."
Near, The Mello Code, Chapter 40: Epilogue

The man frowned, "Goggle boy? Does he sound like the Queen shat in his mouth?" I concurred that that did indeed sound like it might be Matt. "Haven't seen him."
Lakhbir Bains, The Mello Code, Chapter 41: TYVM for 1000 Hits

Mello: Right, so Melissa wants me to take it up the arse, while she watches.

Matti: I think that Melissa would like that very much.
Mello and Matti, The Mello Code, Chapter 41: TYVM for 1000 Hits

"Oh noes! What's he going to do without micromanagement of the coat situation?"
Matt, The Mello Code, Chapter 42: TYVM for 2000 Hits

(Deontic) lowered her eyes. "There is dessert on the table and some of it is chocolate."

"I'd better come out then." Mello smirked.
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Fenian scowled. "Mello, I don't need you to tell me that I have a good point. Toerag."

Mello rolled his eyes. "Liam, you're starting to annoy me now."

Fenian grinned. "He shoots, he scores."
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Fenian nodded, though the gun was still held tightly, down by his thigh. "The day they took me from the orphanage, I overheard a conversation that made me realise that I was leaving Eire. As I was getting in the car, I grabbed a stone out of the ground. It still had fucking soil on it. It was in my pocket the entire time we were at Wammy's House. Each time I touched it, I told myself that I was fucking going home again. I promised myself." He reached into his breast pocket and pulled out the packet of cigarettes. He reached in again and pulled out the stone. "I still fucking have it. I could replace it with a billion stones now, but I keep it. I dunno why. Probably out of fucking respect for the kid who picked it up."
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