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The motorcycle roared down the trackway towards their home and came to a sliding, wheel-spin stop close to the garage wall. Mello was still trying to perfect doing that so that he stopped exactly adjacent to it and he had nearly mastered it. Through the kitchen window, Matt watched his lover stop to peer behind himself, measuring the distance from the back wheel to the wall. Another half a foot would have done it, if he didn't crush his leg first.

Alighting from the machine, Mello hurried towards the back door, then practically sashayed through it, removing his helmet as he did. He was biting his lip against a coy smile, eyes shining and cheeks pink. He bounced slightly in his boots. Matt leaned against the worktop, smirking. "Well, did you pass?"

"Yes!" Mello gushed out, turning crimson now. "Ask me how many points I got."

Matt grinned, stepping across to encase his lover in his arms, "I'm really proud of you. How many points?"

"75 out of 75. They said that no-one had ever got that before, because it's a really hard test and the examining board are really strict markers." Mello shivered delightedly in Matt's grasp.

"Well, then, I'm even more proud of you." He kissed him and strolled over to the fridge. "I, erm, bought you something to say well done." It was an ornate box of hand-crafted, Belgian, dark chocolates, which was carried back and thrust into Mello's hands. "Well done." Matt stole another kiss.

Mello practically squealed. "When did you get...? How did you get these?"

"That's for me to know." Matt winked.

"How did you know I'd pass?"

"Because you're Mello and I had every faith in you." He took the helmet that Mello was struggling to hold alongside the large box of confectionary. "But 75 out of 75, that's special. I'm proud of you."

The blond slipped onto a kitchen chair and placed the chocolates on the table in front of him. He breathed in the cocoa aroma and took his gloves off to stroke the ribbon. Every so often, a coquettish glance was cast in Matt's direction, but the redhead knew that Mello was just savouring the anticipation of quality chocolate. He wasn't looking for permission to tuck in. The kettle went on, as Mello touched the fine tissue paper. "I'm sorry I haven't had much time for you recently, with the studying. I just wanted to get it right."

"You did that." Matt sneaked another glimpse. Mello was running a finger over the bow atop the chocolates. "75 out of 75 is bloody impressive."

"Thank you." Pink cheeks again. He started sniffing the box, an expression of ecstasy crossing his features.

"Mell, are you actually going to orgasm over those chocolates? Only if you are, I want to watch." Matt sat down beside him, smirking. "Call me perverted."

The finger ran down the ribbon until it was nearly at the table, then the whole arm reached out. Mello grabbed a handful of red hair and pulled Matt with it half out of his seat and onto the leather's of Mello chest. Still gripping in a painful grasp, Mello dived in for a crushing kiss. His face, as he drew away, releasing him, wore that same angelic smile, blue eyes slowly blinking shyly. "Do you want to see my certificate?"

Matt landed on his knees, rubbing his scalp. "There's a certificate?" Green eyes gazed up, narrowed in mock reproof. "Yes, I'd like to see the certificate. Are we having it framed?" As Mello started to frown, Matt laughed. "Honestly, I want to see your certificate."

Mello unzipped his biking leathers and retrieved the hard-backed envelope from against his chest. "I got a Distinction."

Matt returned to his seat, dragging it closer in case Mello decided to manhandle him again, and inspected the certificate. The name was not Mello's, but it was an alias. Matt and Roger were currently in negotiation to transfer all of these grades into the name Mihael Keehl without causing some kind of international diplomatic crisis in layers of bureaucracy. There were now five additions to Mello's academic CV to process. It had started during a time of enforced immobility following a skin graft to the third degree burns on his neck and shoulder. Bored with his room, bored with his books, bored with crossword puzzles, bored with games, bored with Matt, bored with breathing, bored with being alive, bored with everything, Mello's promise that he would survive the rehabilitation with stoicism had failed in the first day. He had suffered the original burns and their healing with more patience than he had the grafts. The latter had been his idea as well. Fearing that one of them would eventually have to kill the other, Matt had suggested Mello contact Roger for some old-fashioned study challenges. Mello's response had been loud and prolonged, but the next few days had seen the arrival through the post of a lot of college and university prospectuses. Completing increasing more random and advanced courses was Mello's latest hobby.

"A Distinction in Business Studies: Project Management!" Matt beamed. Mello laughed, shaking his head, and finally opened his chocolates. Whole new raptures were to be had in the shapes and patterns of the confectionary itself. "Is that all of them now? Any more exams?"

"A-level Russian, but that's not until next month." One hand touched the chocolate, the other entwined fingers with Matt's. "Matty, do something with me?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"Marine Biology." Mello grinned.

Matt blinked. "A course?" He rolled his eyes. "I thought you meant, I don't know, play with you." He grinned, then realised from his lover's expression that he hadn't been joking. "Mell! I had enough of that when we were kids. It's a waste of good gaming time."

"Oh, come on, Matt! All you do is sit in your study, playing games and smoking. Your brain is going to seize up. How about an IT course? Or they do vehicle engineering down at Southampton." Mello was pouting. It wasn't a serious persuasion strategy, it was Mello being camp, as far as Matt could make out. "I'll do it with you."

"You're not selling the idea." Matt kissed him before he could continue. "Eat chocolate. Nice." He jumped up to finish making their hot drinks, but Mello still had hold of his hand and pulled him back. Matt landed on his lover's lap and faced Mello's winsome grin. "What?"

"Why don't you want to do a course with me?"

"Where do I even start here?" Matt settled into the cuddle of Mello's arms around him. "For a start, it involves classes, homework and exams. Secondly, it would involve you watching me like a hawk. Thirdly, no fucking way am I putting myself in a position where you and I are getting marked in anything that can be compared." Mello's hand had crept under his t-shirt and was stroking languidly across his abdomen. "Stop fondling me, it's not going to change my mind."

Mello smiled, "I can do what I want with you. I own you, remember." His gaze alighted on the collar around Matt's neck. "You don't actually have a say in the matter."

The words passed straight from Matt's ears to his groin. "If I have sex with you, am I off the hook with having to go and learn how to switch a computer on?"

"When you have sex with me." Mello planted the box of chocolates onto Matt's lap and selected his first one. "Not 'if'." His lips closed over the sweet and his eyes shut in bliss. Matt watched him, fascinated. The hand on his stomach became still, but the other was gently tracing up and down the inside of his thigh. "Thank you for my chocolate, Matt."

"You're welcome." Matt opened his legs. "Mell, certain things make me think you're bored. I've been thinking." He glanced at the certificate, the chocolate, Mello's hand staking a claim of possession across his thigh. From the blond's point of view, this had to be close to contentment. "Before you work your way down to evening classes in basket weaving, why don't you take on a case?"

Mello opened his eyes again. Matt had the use of the Watari empire resources for their own use. Mello could piggy-back along the precedent of the original L, cash in on their work with Kira, and be granted an audience with world leaders. He didn't want to. They had access to the colloquially named 'Mayday Line' - appeals from chiefs of police or the military for L to just look at their notes and intelligence reports. Mello had said he would find his own cases. Matt also had a tacit, and secret, agreement with Roger that they would keep their respective geniuses away from ever pursuing the same targets. If Near ever expressed an interest in something, a covert symbol would appear next to it on the list. Matt had yet to add the same symbol in a warning that Mello was looking at anything there. Instead, his lover was going to gain an A-level in Russian. "What sort of case?"

"If I find a good one for you, will you at least look at it?"

"Only if you agree to come to basket-weaving classes with me."

They had a glare-off, then Mello blew a kiss and Matt laughed. "Ok, checkmated and owned. Erm, are you going to carry on mauling me for long, because I'm really gasping for a cuppa. I had to get to the city and back in the time it took you to nip to the college and I'd really love a cup of tea."

"What case have you found for me?"

Matt frowned. "I haven't got off your lap yet." Mello's gaze was boring holes in Matt's skull.

"I know." He smirked. "So what case have you found for me?"

Matt sighed. "Computer genius; twelve years old; living as part of a paedophilia ring; has limited access to a warden's laptop, but has used it to hack the mainframe and come up with blueprints for the entire building, customer data - prostitution and the media, hardcore stuff, and monitor feeds; he's also been trying to track L, but caught the scent of Watari instead." Matt reached for his cigarettes. The force of Mello's unblinking stare was starting to hurt his skin. "Only I was thinking. Wammy walked into a warzone to get you out. He dodged bullets in a gang area to get me out. Meanwhile, Roger sits on his arse in Winchester reading academic journals and Near maxs out his account at Toys R Us. I don't see any avenging angels walking into the personal Hells of kids like us anymore. Do you?"

"Where's the kid?" Mello growled finally.

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